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Never heard of Pascal Morabito? Me neither. He’s a Paris-based designer of luxury goods such as jewellery, perfume, travel luggage, and even champagne. His jewellery is beautiful - gems suspended in geometric gold shapes – His perfumes, Or Black  and the womens’ version Or Noir, were created in 1982, and have really limited distribution - he sells them from his online store.

The opening “nasty” notes are those chemical smells I love – tar, rubber, gasoline -  but almost right away the herbs come up from underneath, with the citrusy bergamot and sharp pepper, and rich leather. It’s starting to smell very good, and as the dry down continues to unwind, amber and thick tonka musk create a smooth wave of sweetened animalic warmth. The base of leafy vetiver and oak moss, with the smoky dark leather wafting in and out, is earthy and sexy with a distinct whiff of skank. Mmmm. 

Notes: bergamot, pepper, leather, sage, benzoin, cistus, vetiver, amber, tonkinian musk, oak moss.
Type: EdT
Parfumeur: Jean Louis Sieuzac

Price: $6.00