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Orris Noir

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Linda Pilkington is known for using unusual high-quality materials, and unique signature notes throughout her scents such as pink pepper, woods, incense, and jasmine. Her scents always have a seductive edge to them, and Orris Noir is no exception.
The first peppery spritz, edged with the faint fruity strawberry-sweet of davana, the limey citrus of bergamot, and spiced fragrance of coriander, is dramatic. Strong in the first moments, it transforms as a soft iris comes up with dry powdery wood and incense, making the scent seem almost sheer, translucent as it moves into the heart, the iris perceived as through a haze of thin smoke. In the heart, jasmine blooms quickly adding a lush feminine fullness, along with sweet myrrh, and in the base, patchouli with its green–edged vegetal aroma mixes with the resins of the woods, cedar and guaiac wood into dusky smooth accord. The long dry-down of Orris Noir is absolutely gorgeous - warm and velvety, with echoes of spice, and subtle whiffs of soft iris and ashy incense.
Ormonde Jayne describes Orris Noir as a “dark, Spicy Oriental”. I was expecting a “noir” scent a la Donna Karan Black Cashmere, or Montale Black Oud, which are deep, heavy, and relentlessly dark scents, but Orris Noir is all about an elegantly beautiful iris note, highlighted with white jasmine blooms, and the black part is a weightless silk.
Notes: davana, pink pepper, coriander seed, bergamot; iris, jasmine sambac absolute, pimento berries, bay; incense, myrrh, patchouli, Chinese cedar and guaiac wood.
Type: EdP
Parfumeur: Geza Schoen

Price: $6.00