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Our 6th Birthday Decant Draw - April 20, 2016

Gwen:        Oh! My! God!!!

Kay:            What’s wrong! You OK? You nearly knocked over your wine glass.

Gwen:        Nothing’s wrong! I just that I realized it’s been six whole years, almost to the day, since we started!

Kay:            You’re right, Gwen! Six years. It’s been six GREAT years!

Gwen:        And you’re right about the great part, Kay. We’ve met and talked to so many great people – world renowned perfumers, other bloggers, perfume lovers, and most important, our dedicated readers and customers who have helped us grow over these past six years.

Kay:            You know, we always celebrate our perfumeniche birthday with a contest and a prize, but I was thinking maybe now that we are six, we should celebrate a little differently.

Gwen;        Like how?

Kay:            Well, since we are besties who love perfume…..

Gwen:        And are such good besties that we finish each other’s sentences all the time…..

Kay:           why don’t we celebrate Best Friends and all that goes with being best friends? You know, like sharing good times and bad times and great times. And perfume. How about we…..

Gwen:        have a Birthday Decant Draw for besties! Where they each get a prize…..

Kay:            which would be $50.00 of decants EACH from our Decant Store…..

Gwen:        and all they have to do is send us an email explaining why they and their bestie are, well, besties…..

Kay:            and then we‘ll enter each of their names in the draw…..

Gwen:        which will have an entry deadline of midnight May 2nd, and we’ll announce the winner on Wednesday May 4th…..

Kay:           and I think it’s hilarious that we can finish each other’s sentences, because we really just share one big brain when it comes to things perfume-y, especially perfumeniche, com! But, and this is a very small BUT….I think I have to draw the line when it comes to finishing my wine…..

Gwen:        OMG – was that YOUR glass?

Kay:            Mi casa es tu casa, dearest friend, and my glass is your glass. Is there anything left in that bottle?

Gwen:        Let’s toast…. To Best-Friends, and another great year of!


How to enter our Birthday Decant Draw:

  • Send an email to with your name and your bestie’s name, and tell us why you are best friends. Write a lot or write a little – we love hearing your stories. 
  • Send your entry by midnight May 2nd and you and your bestie will be entered in the draw to win $50.00 of decants EACH from our Decant Store. 
  • Make certain to include the mailing address for you and your best friend. We will cover the shipping and handling costs.