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Our No. 5 Celebrations - Monday April 20, 2015

Image - Wikipedia - Champagne uncorking by Niels Noordhoek, April 3, 2012


Fade in to the sound of a cork popping and champagne flutes clinking as they are raised in celebration…

“Happy Birthday, Perfumeniche! ”

Gwen:   It’s official. We are five years old!

Kay:        I can’t believe that five whole years have gone by since we started writing about our perfumes.

Gwen:   And what five fantastic years they’ve been! We’ve met some great people, made some new friends...

Kay:        Travelled to interesting places, and sniffed, bought, and shared some phenomenal frags!

Esther:  So how are we going to celebrate, apart from sipping on this bottle of bubbly?

Gwen:   Well, we’ve been working hard to come up with something special. We have a plan!

Esther:  I hope it includes some of your fabulous frags!                 

Kay:        As a matter of fact, it does, Esther, and we think it’s a great way to thank our readers for joining us   on this scented journey we’ve been taking.

Esther:     I hope it includes bottles of some of your fabulous niche frags…! Is it a contest? I know readers love your contests!

Kay:        And we love our readers, so we’re having a draw for not one, or two, or even three ….but FIVE prizes of a bottle of perfume! One for each year!

Gwen:   That means that FIVE people will win a great frag.

Esther: You have my full attention. What are the five frags?

Kay:        Oh, ones we love, and our readers love, donated by people we love to be associated with and who have generously supported us through the years. There’s a lot of love in these bottles!

Esther:     OK, OK, what are they?

Kay:        A 75 ml. bottle of Invasion Barbare donated by Parfums MDCI.

Gwen:   I remember the first time we smelled that sample in your kitchen, Kay. It opened up the niche perfume doors for us, didn’t it? I still love it.

Kay:        Me, too. Next we have a 32 ml. bottle of Mecca Balsam donated by La Via del Profumo. This was a game changer for me – a natural fragrance that has incredible depth and richness. It touches my soul.

Esther:  I know Mecca Balsam – I have it, too - it is just beautiful!

Gwen:   Then there’s a 100 ml. bottle of Tea for Two donated by Twisted Lily.

Esther:  I’m so glad L’Artisan Parfumeur brought that scent back into their line-up, and that Twisted Lily carries it. It is a classic, unique and gorgeous, and hard to find.

Kay:        And Isabelle Michaud at Monsillage has donated a 50 ml. bottle of her extraordinary fragrance Vol 870 YUL-CDG.

Gwen:   Isabelle is a rising star in the niche perfume world, and this is one of my personal faves.

Kay:        We’ve written about all four of these frags, but every birthday should have a surprise, and we have one! New London Pharmacy has donated a bottle of True Lust – the latest launch from Etat Libre d’Orange.

Esther:  Gwen, have you ever smelled True Lust?

Gwen:   Once, a very, very long time ago….

Kay:       I think Esther is referring to the new perfume!

Gwen:    No, I’ve haven’t smelled it, but the name is setting up my expectations!

Esther:    Etat Libre d’Orange tends to do that.  Wow, that’s quite a line-up for prizes! Now, how does the contest part work? How do readers enter?

Gwen:   It’s so easy. All they need to do send us an e-mail that lists five things they love about our Perfumeniche website, and send it by midnight May 6th. The names from the e-mails will be randomly drawn, and then the prize bottles will be randomly selected for each winner. So it’ll be fun – our readers could win a bottle of a fabulous niche fragrance.

Esther:  And the one they win will be a surprise!

Kay:        Then we’ll announce the winners on Friday May 8th. And, like all our contests, winners will be responsible for any local duties and taxes associated with the shipping of their prize.

Esther:  Five bottles to win – that’s quite a celebration!

Gwen:   Esther, I think everyday is a celebration here at Perfumeniche, because it’s so much fun sniffing and sharing with you and Kay – and all our readers! Let’s raise a glass to the next five years!

Fade out to the sound of another cork popping and champagne flutes clinking as they are raised again in celebration….

“Long live Perfumeniche!”


Enter our “No. 5 Celebrations” contest – all it takes is an e-mail from you to us listing 5 things you like about Perfumeniche.

Click here,  or above on Contact Us to send your message by midnight May 6th, 2015.