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Pale Grey Mountain, Small Black Lake



The HYLNDS collection of five fragrances from D.S. & Durga was launched in 2014. Created by perfumer David Seth Moltz, they are what I describe as “atmospheric” scents, as each one tells the story of a Celtic landscape. Spirit of the Glen captures the landscape,around Speyside in the north-east Scottish Highlands. the rocks, the flowers, the moss, the earth, the rain, the mist, the mountains, the rivers, all wrapped inside the distinctive aroma of The Glenlivet single malt whiskey, because one is made from the other.

Pale Grey Mountain, Small Black Lake is set in Northern Ireland, on a mythical mountain in Armagh, the land of Oisin the Warrior.   

David Moltz lists the opening note as fog-on-stone and the closing notes as coastal air and chilled water, so I knew that Pale Grey Mountain, Small Black Lake was definitely going to be atmospheric in a very special way. I wasn’t disappointed.

I’m alone and transported to a silent landscape, sound muffled by fingers of fog which creep up the craggy sides of the low pale grey mountain, alternately hiding then revealing bracken, heather, lichens, scraggy pines, stone. The scent is damp, green and peppery with a cold metallic sensation in the first whiffs, warming slightly with herbs and wood resins, then offering a hairsbreadth of sweet tender florals from watery violets and pink purslane in the heart.

Wet grey rocks waft the unmistakable scent of orris root. The fog parts and the view below is awe-inspiring, a mystical scene. A small black lake, beechwoods, and in the distance the shores of the northern sea. The base is an accord of woods and whiffs of smoke, and the soft accord of lake water, seashore and fog droplets weaves through it all, natural, pure, refreshing and comforting. There’s a sense of solitude that is humbling, a sense of being in the presence of something much greater than yourself, a very strong sense of being connected and part of a continuum.

David Seth Moltz of D.S. & Durga is a really good perfumer and I recommend you make a point of visiting his Pale Grey Mountain, Small Black Lake. No matter if you're man or a woman, if you crave a good story, a brief journey to solitude and quiet beauty, it’s a good place to start.

SOLD OUT - Limited Edition by D.S. & Durga, and no longer available.

Notes: fog-on-stone, water pepper, lichen, heather shrub, beechwood, bramble flower, marsh violet, coastal air, chilled water, purslane

Type: EdP

Perfumeur: David Seth Moltz

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