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"Party Style" Men



Three 1 ml. decants  of excellent  “party” fragrances for men, $12.00, regular $15.00.


Dirty English – deep and dark and delicious

It opens spicy and warm from exotic peppered mandarin and cardamom – kind of like a wink that says ‘follow me’ to its pungent piney, woody, irresistible heart. Dirty English has resinous, animalic swagger that makes it the centre of attention at any party.

Camel - resinous and spicy and woody

When you want to be an exotic party-animal, reach for a sprtitz of Camel. Dried fruits, frankincense, rose, myrrh, civet – this is the smell of a caravan traveling through the Arab desert. The smell of pack animals, the marketplace, exotic treasure now being moved across the desert, all mingle together in the desert air. It’s the smell of adventure – and that is never seasonal.

New York – elegant and warm and woody

This is a gentleman’s scent for those celebrations where your inner  party animal is on a leash and let style, elegance and sophistication be seductive. New York is one of the world's great scents. Created by Patricia de Nicolai, it is classic elegance in a modern perfume. A warm, spicy start to a woody heart with a vanilla, leather and amber base, New York is one smooth operator


Three 1 ml. decants of  “party” fragrances for $12.00, regular $15.00.



Price: $12.00