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Passage des perles “Naturals" Decant Pack - Nose-to-Nose with Gwen and Kay, February 27, 2018

We have a winner!

The winner of the draw for the Passage des Perles "Naturals" Decant Pack is Kim from Ontario, Canada.

Congratulations, Kim, we hope you enjoy every drop of your six gorgeous fragrances!


Kay:            You know, Gwen, we’re very lucky.

Gwen:         What makes you say that, Kay?

Kay:            Well, we’re doing what we love with our website – writing about our perfumes, and sharing them with people from all over the world.

Gwen:         Yup, we’re very lucky. And a great thing is, it connects us with fascinating people we would never meet otherwise.   Like the Duchesse!

Kay:            Yes, like the Duchesse! And her fascinating blogspot, Passage des perles. I love her blog and her musings.

Gwen:         Me too, thoughtful perspectives on a huge range of topics, from Accessories, Art, and Aging through to Women, Worklife, and Yoga.

Kay:            And she not only loves pearls, but she also loves perfume. Natural fragrances, made from real flowers, leaves, seeds, wood....which is how we got connected. She ordered several natural perfumes from our Decant Store.

Gwen:         And she liked them so much she wanted to share her experience with her readers.

Kay:            Which is why we’re offering the Passage des perles "Naturals" Decant Pack  - six 1 ml. decants of our most stunning all-natural fragrances created by renowned artisinal perfumers.

The six fragrances are (follow the links to read about each one):

1. Arbolé Arbolé, by Hiram Green

2. Venezia Giardini Segreti, by La Via del Profumo

3. Vamp à NY, by Honoré des Près

4. Tabac Citron, by Providence Perfume Company

5. Loup des Steppes, by SAMA

6. Exultat, by Maria Candida Gentile

Gwen:         It’s a beautiful selection, with a retail value of $28.00. And, the Duchesse is having a draw on her blogspot for the pack. From today until midnight EST, Friday, March 2, 2018 readers can enter the draw by leaving a comment on Passage des perles and they should include the word ‘DRAW” in their comment. The winner will be drawn and announced on Tuesday, March 6, 2018.

Passage des perles "Naturals" Decant Pack is available in our Decant Store. Six 1 ml. decants of our most stunning all-natural fragrances, $28.00 plus shipping and handling.