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Passage des perles "Naturals" Decant Pack


Announcing our first "bespoke" Decant Pack!

We've created a pack of our most stunning all-natural fragrances, especially for the Duchesse at Passage des perles blogspot, and we're sharing it with you. If you haven't visited her blog, do it now.

This special pack includes six 1 ml. decants for $28.00, plus shipping and handling. You can read about each fragrance by following the links:

1. Arbolé Arbolé, by Hiram Green

2. Venezia Giardini Segreti, by La Via del Profumo

3. Vamp à NY, by Honoré des Près

4. Tabac Citron, by Providence Perfume

5. Loup des Steppes, by SAMA

6. Exultat, by Maria Candida Gentile

This is an exceptionally beautiful selection of fragrances composed of 100% natural essences and ingredients (or almost 100%), and created by independent artisinal perfumers from Europe, Canada, and the United States.


Price: $28.00