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Pear + Olive

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Slumberhouse, which started a few years ago as a collective effort by several young post-punk artists, has evolved to be now only Josh Lobb, a self-taught perfumer whose creative star glows brighter with every new fragrance he launches.Pear + Olive was launched in October 2012. You might think “I’m going to smell a pear note and an olive note”. Well, yes… and no…because this is a Slumberhouse scent, which, like the website banner says, are “strange and unique perfumes”.
Josh doesn’t use top notes, and it’s right down to business with the first sniffs of Pear + Olive. But I’m not smelling a pear or olive anywhere. Instead, for the first 15 seconds or so, I smell booze, a delicious alcoholic winey note of brandy in a snifter, without the sweet caramel fumes. I get a distinct waft of funk. It can only be cheese – Danish Blue or Gorgonzola. The cheese waft transforms into a very faintly sweet green vegetal note, with a waxy slightly bitter undertone, and after a couple of minutes, there it is – pear and olive, or maybe pear leaf and olive leaf, a perfectly refined accord… strange and unique, and divine.
As Pear + Olive develops, this green vegetal accord warms up, becoming stronger, and is joined by others: a aromatic sweet-grassy-herbal mix – chamomile and aglaia (Chinese perfume tree blossoms), which adds a heady, earthy, almost smoky layer; a milky-wood-spice mix - massoia and calamus, which adds a creamy almost tropical coconut edge, and which works to blend the different accords into a balanced scent that is airy, and yet has great depth.
Sweet, fruity, or gourmand does not describe Pear + Olive. This perfume has a green sweetness to it, with a savoury edge, the perfect marriage of opposites which makes it a divine skin scent with an aesthetic that you will love if you want “something different”. I love outside-the-box, strange and unique kinds of perfumes, especially when they are as beautifully composed as Josh Lobb’s Pear + Olive.

Price: $6.00