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Perles de Lalique


I love how it opens with such a fresh accord, totally modern – no sweet, no floral – pink pepper right away, followed quickly by a light spicy rose. The rose and pepper are joined by iris to form an almost sour green accord for a few moments, like pickle brine, which then intensifies and becomes more floral, heating up into a lush spicy rose-iris mix which becomes the heart of this perfume. It’s a very sophisticated scent, truly modern and very chic, and becomes even more so as the base notes develop.

In the drydown, earthy vetiver, a light dose of dark patchouli, then cashmeran with its musk/cedar/sandalwood accord soften the spice, tone down the green and deepen the rose-iris accord, keeping it as the centrepiece. The result is a creamy, iridescent, close-to-the- skin, dream of a silken scent that feels light as air. If pearls had a scent they would smell like this - creamy, smooth, and lightly sweet and spicy but still with a faint salty hint of their underwater home.

Compared to a classic chypre, such as Guerlain's iconic Mitsouko, Perles de Lalique may seem to lack the heft, and the powdery richness, the complexity. The basic chypre structure has segued into the modern interpretation - bergamot has been replaced by pepper, the oakmoss by vetiver, the labdanum by patchouli - and synthetics have been added to the mix, which has opened the windows and turned on the lights in the world of chypres.

I think it's wonderful.
Notes: Bulgarian Rose, Pink Pepper, Iris, Black pepper, Idonesian patchouli, oakmoss, orris root, vetiver, musk ,cedar, sandalwood

Type: EdP

Parfumeur: Nathalie Lorson


Price: $4.00