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PG20 L’Eau Guerrière – Get your Warrior on! February 20, 2015 New Fragrance Listing

Image - PG20 L'Eau Guerrière -

This week has been brutal. Brutal weather in this part of the world, the coldest I can remember in many many years. Waking up to -28C (-18F) with ice fractal-ing on the inside of the windows. Getting out from under the warm bedcovers into clothes is a heart-stopping experience requiring split-second timing before hypothermia sets in. 

I need some Warrior Water.  The kind that Pierre Guillaume from Parfumerie Générale makes. L’Eau Guerrière – PG20 in his Private Collection, which he describes as “ modern, and raw, an eau infused with dry woods”. The one that is fresh, resinous, woody, earthy, grassy, transparent, musky, and blatantly sexy. Why didn’t I think of Warrior Water a few days ago to ward off this brutal world?

The opening blast does just that. Like fireworks, a citrus aldehyde accord roars up with resinous conifers, volatile, bright, and raw. The sparkles dissipate and float away, and then rise again, this time sweetened a little with myrrh and balsam, backed up by powdery dry wood notes. Aromatics of herbs and grass accompany the heart notes and the emerging accord is a cloud of woody incense with a transparent wispy quality. I smell the beauty of incense without the heaviness of smoke, and it’s just gorgeous.

Then I detect the musk note and L’Eau Guerrière, which actually means Warrior Water in French, puts on its sexy face. The mix of musk and incense feels a little dangerous, a little exotic, with wafts of leather and the unmistakable aroma of  green marijuana. In the end the musky incense becomes a soft subtle accord, almost contemplative, and L’Eau Guerrière relaxes into skin scent par excellence, lasting deliciously all through the night.

When life hands you a few too many lemons, just try a little Warrior Water. It works for me….L’Eau Guerrière always takes me away from the chaos to a place of beauty.

PG20 L’Eau Guerrière is listed in our Decant Store. Decants are $5.00 for 1 ml.

Pierre Guillaume now has over sixty fragrances among his three perfume brands, Parfumerie Générale, Huitième Art, and Phaedon. He doesn’t release much information about each fragrance because he believes that perfume is about the experience, rather than preconceived notions of gender or type, etc. His fragrances are unusual, and we’ve succumbed to several which are listed in our Decant Store – Corps et Ames EdP, Corps et Ames 2012PG08 Intriguant Patchouli, PG26 Isparta, PG24 Papyrus de Ciane, Myrrhiad