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Promenade in the Gardens

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In 2012, Martin Margiela Replica fragrance was launched, an extension of the 1994 Martin Margiela Replica fashion label that preceeded it, and which featured trendy reinterpretations of classic vintage styles from around the world. The concept of the fragrance line is stated as a  “ Reproduction of familiar scents and moments of varying locations and periods.” Visitors to the website are invited to share:

“#SMELLSLIKEMEMORIES - Share your photo on and continue to create this olfactory and collective memory”.

So the idea, as I interpret it, is to assign your own memories to the scents in the bottle, which is basically what I think we all do when we smell perfumes, anyway.

Three scents were launched in 2012, Promenade in the Gardens was one of three additions in 2013. The label on Promenade in the Gardens, a floral chypre, states:

Provenance and Period “Oxfordshire, 1986”

Fragrance Description “Shaded and flowered paths”

"The romanticism of British gardens, where wanderers can lose themselves in the fresh green glades, or come around the organised chaos of an outcrop to find themselves suddenly surrounded by floral notes."

And that’s exactly how Promenade in the Gardens hits me – a crisp green mossy accord out of the bottle, with a slight dampness attached to it, like my nose detects from just-mown grass. It gets a little darker, with the sharp green-ness of galbanum, and then, around the corner, the notes open up into a lush white floral accord edged with an herbal aroma of coriander and a twist of orange zest. The opening smells and feels like a perfect summer morning.

Into the heart, the floral accord becomes more classic with the addition of sweet jasmine and the “spice girls”, rose and peony, but it’s difficult to pull out individual notes – the accord is lovely soft florals growing on a green sward. The base gets slightly darker with vetiver and patchouli adding a rooty earthy aspect, and sandalwood smooths the dry-down into a creamy understated richness.

Promenade in the Gardens is not what I expected. I thought I would smell the sweet rich headiness of a cultivated garden, but the memory image I conjured was the cool green elegance of a natural garden. It could be Oxfordshire in 1986, but for me, it’s more like Vancouver in 1978.

Notes: Crispy green accord, 
freesia accord,
coriander oil, Turkish rose oil,
 peony accord,
 Sambac jasmine absolute,
 patchouli heart oil,
vetiver oil, 
Australian sandalwood oil

Type: EdT

Parfumeur: Carlos Benaim




Price: $6.00