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Created in 1970 for Yves St. Laurent by Jacques Polge and Michel Hy, Rive Gauche was designed for the independent and free-spirited woman – the boho/chic dressed women who hung out on the Left Bank in 70’s Paris. No perfume captures that time better than Rive Gauche. This classic scent has become the very definition of a floral aldehyde.

I loved wearing Rive Gauche and the original distinctive frag became my signature scent, back when I believed in signature scents. But times change, people change and perfumes change. Now, I wear the reformulated 2003 version and, dare I say it, I like it better.

It opens with aldehydes, sharp, citrusy and green. As it moves to the heart, lush rose appears and softens the aldehydes. Musty geranium comes forward, bolstering the rose and amping up the floral aspect of the scent. The aldehydes
Eand florals interweave beautifully, so beautifully that I could live here all day, but I don’t want to miss a thing. The aldehydes carry on right through to the aromatic woody base of vetiver, oakmoss, balsam wood, and musk.

It’s the cool, floral with a metallic tang that makes Rive Gauche a one-of-a-kind scent that speaks to the free-spirited, independent, chic woman. It’s a beautiful scent to wear anytime and the reformulation let’s you have a bit of that left bank 70’s hipness without being stuck in time.

Notes: Aldehydes, pelargonium and rose absolute, oakmoss, vetiver, musk, balsamic notes

Type: EdT

Parfumeurs: (2003) Daniela Andrier and Jacques Hy


Price: $5.00