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Rose d’Homme

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Re-launched in 1991 by Marie-Helène Rogeon, Les Parfums de Rosine was founded by Parisian fashion designer Paul Poiret. Circumstances after WWl left him in poverty. It was Ms. Rogeon’s family who had been fillers for the house, so she was perfectly positioned to revive the line.

With no written perfume formulae, she worked with noted parfumeur Francois Robert to develop most of the scents sold at the Jardin du Palais Royal in store in Paris today. All of them are based on rose, but for me the stand out is Rose d’Homme.

It opens quietly with citrus and rose. Soon a note of jasmine appears ading floral lushness to the rose. Vanilla gives it a note of sweetness before lavender comes forward. The lavender adds a soapiness and a crispness to the frag that gives it an elegance. At the drydown leather, patchouli and vetiver add warmth, depth and a duskiness. Rose is center stage here, no doubt, and is present throughout, but it never dominates, never becomes sweet, too floral or too feminine.

Rose d’Homme is a chic, elegant mature fragrance that is unlike any other. And, while it says ‘homme’ it really is unisex.

Notes: citrus, rose, vanilla, jasmine, lavender, patchouli, leather and vetiver

Type: EDP

Parfumeur: Francois Robert

Price: $5.00