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Launched in 2006, Rose d`Amour is one of my favourite rose scents.

It opens fresh and sparkling from aldehydes and citrusy bergamot. Ginger, wonderfully aromatic, warms it up while galbanum gives it a green bite. At the heart velvety rose takes prominence and is perfectly complemented by earthy iris, exotic jasmine and narcissus, which to my nose smells slightly of urine. The effect is of a green/rosiness.At the base, there is oakmoss, with spicy nutmeg and pepper warming up the florals, and lovely, smoky vetiver.

What makes Rose d`Amour so special is that it has a vintage feel, without ever drifting into the dreaded ‘old-lady’ category. The vintage feel comes from aldehyde, a synthetic component first used in perfumery by Ernest Beaux in  Chanel No. 5, which was launched in 1921. Yet, the greenness and the ginger keep Rose d`Amour rooted in the present.

Rose d`Amour is a woman’s scent, soft and sensuous –If, like me, you love rose scents, this is a must-try, if you are wary of rose scents, well, Rose d`Amour could change all that.

Notes: bergamot, aldehydes, ginger, galbanum, pink berries, rose, iris, jasmine, narcissus, oakmoss, nutmeg, pepper, vetiver

Type: EdP

Parfumeur: Camille Latron

Price: $5.00