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Rose Flash

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Rose flash is the second fragrance in Andy Tauer’s Tauerville line, the line he developed in 2014 to make his fragrances more accessible and which offers more affordable options.

Tauer doesn’t give the notes for this fragrance:

"I want ROSE flash to be experienced as a complete scent and not picked apart into individual notes and analyzed down to its bones. ROSE flash is the most luxurious rose that I have created so far.”

With respect to Mr. Tauer, here’s how it smells on me.

At the opening, there was a burst of bright citrus followed by the most amazing lush, opulent rose I’ve ever smelled. It’s rich and deep, pungent, juicy and jammy. There’s a dried berry sweetness to it. A little while in and a dirtiness shows up – I smell geranium. As it blooms, it gets lighter without losing intensity, almost like a different kind of rose. The concentration is so high it feels thick on my skin. As it dries down it gets woody, resinous and balsamic with the rose staying strong all the way through.

It’s the most perfect interpretation of a rose, so deep, lush and creamy I know and it's gorgeous!
Notes: citrus, rose, dried berries, geranium, wood, resin and balsam
Type: Parfum Extrait
Parfumeur: Andy Tauer


Price: $5.00