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.rozy. Voile d'Extrait


Vero Kern’s rose-based scent, Rozy, was inspired by Anna Magnani, the Italian actress who starred in Tennessee William’s The Rose Tattoo, for which she won an Oscar. Magnani was one of a kind, an imperfect unconventional beauty known for her intensely honest and emotional film performances which revealed the fearless strength, fragility, intelligence and humour, the sensuality and lust for life in all the characters she portrayed.  
“Pinky reddish petals that are floating and drowning in golden nectar like a never-ending sunset over a sea of love! A scent like a rosy tattoo – and a tribute to Anna Magnani! A stunning, glamorous, iridescent and velvety beauty that is frivolous, erotic, faithful, emotional, wild and tender. That gets on and under the skin like a tattoo…”
.rozy. Voile d’Extrait is the version that makes me speechless. The opening is spectacular and should win an award all on its own – it’s a full-frontal attack of heady rose, camphorous tuberose, and dark cassis. The accord is strong and passionate with slightly sharp rough edges that are soon smoothed by strands of thick golden honey that pool and light up the rosy heart, which is then darkened with spices, and deepened with rich labdanum. Creamy smooth sandalwood soaks in the pool of honeyed roses and spices, and .rozy. Voile d’Extrait becomes this luscious, deep, animalic scent that  becomes part of the skin, just like a rose tattoo.  The dry-down is long and luxurious, the honey note becoming smoky and all the notes in play so that Rozy keeps its complexity to its smooth velvety end.
No patchouli, no resins, the honey and labdanum accord is Vero Kern’s inspired choice to pair with the rose in Rozy, and is what makes it such a sensuous scent. Big and bold, unconventional, fiery and passionate, like Anna Magnani’s zest for life. Is it truly a rose, is it even a floral, I don’t really care.  Like Magnani, .rozy. Voile d'Extrait is an unconventional and intense kind of beauty, a kaleidoscopic rose that takes you on a ride like no other.
Notes: Rose d’Orient, Tuberose, Cassis, Honey, Spices, Sandal and Labdanum
Type: Voile d’Extrait
Parfumeur: Vero Kern

Price: $8.00