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Sables – What a love note! (November 10, 2010 New Fragrance Listing)

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Last weekend the clocks went back an hour. Nights are longer, days are colder and trees have lost their leaves. The vibrant reds and yellows of October have changed to the golds and browns of November as we move towards winter. And while I don’t really follow any seasonal ‘rules’ for wearing fragrance, I have been craving rich, spicy deep scents lately. Specifically, I have had a soul hunger for Sables by Annick Goutal.

Before she starting creating perfumes, Annick Goutal was a pianist, and was married to cellist Alain Meunier. She created Sables for him in 1985 as a kind of olfactory souvenir of the summer they spent together in Corsica. Sadly, Annick Goutal died in 1999 from breast cancer but she left behind some of the best scents in niche perfumery and for me, Sables is at the top of the list.

Sables is based on immortelle everlasting, the evergreen shrub that has the unique smells of maple syrup and curry. It opens with a hit of the bitter/herbaceous aspect of immortelle, combined with alcohol. As this passes, the warm spicy curry aspect of immortelle appears alongside its sweet smoky maple syrup sibling. At different times the scent can move between these two gorgeous, deep, rich notes.

Immortelle is gutsy, and because it doesn’t always play nice with other notes, can be too strong to carry a scent on its own. It takes some skillful manipulation to get the best out of it, and Goutal has done this by adding pepper for heat and dryness, vanilla to highlight its sweetness, and sandalwood, which adds a rich woodyness. The result is a harmonious boozy, spicy, exotic, warm and slightly sweet blend that lets immortelle shine and shimmer on the skin. There is nothing else like Goutal’s Sables. Period.

Sables is a sexy, seductive scent that was created as a love note for a man, but it is so stunningly beautiful that it should be shared with women. I’m wearing it right now, a love note for myself.

Sables is listed in our Decant Store. Decants are $5.00 for 1 ml.

Sweet Sables

Sis has a bottle of this and it's fabulous. Sugary goodness, and great for this time of year. I picked up Serge Lutens' Fille en Aguilles a couple of weeks back and between us we smell like a Christmas cook-off.
A really expensive one, that is!

Sis was telling me that she was reading on a couple of other blogs that people squirt on 5 - 7 blasts of the juice at a time. That made my teeth hurt. I rarely do more than three, unless it's that Chanel Exclusive toilet water that cost a bundle and has zippo staying power.

It also depends on the fragrance too, but on average, how many blasts do you lay on?

Re: Sweet Sables

Glad to hear that you are enjoying your Fille en Aguilles and Sables - tis the season, although today I feel a bit contrary so I am wearing Balenciaga Paris.
I can tell you that from filling decant orders 12 sprays is about .07 ml. so to me 5 to 7 blasts is a lot! I usually spray each wrist once and then go with one shot to the neck, around the carotid artery (well, you asked....). I like to catch a whiff from my wrists throughout the day, and I like people to get a whiff when they come close, but that's it.
I hate wearing it on my chest cause I don't like it filling my face all the time - must be a rection to the mustard poultices of my childhood. My mother used to put them on my chest when I had a cold.
By the way, in my opinion, there is nothing wrong with smelling expensive!

Sables is delicious!

I love your love note to one of my favourite niche perfumes. Sables is rich and spicy and boozy and warm and just plain amazing. It makes me feel absolutely, gloriously edibly sexy. I feel like I should wear a "danger" sign when I'm wearing it--in a good/naughty way... If you haven't sniffed it, well, as you can see, I highly recommend it!

Re: Sables is delicious!

Great comment - thanks for writing in. I met a guy once who told me he liked the smell of his cognac so much that he used to dab a bit behind his ears. Problem was, it lasted about 10 seconds.
I told him that was a waste of booze and introduced him to Sables. Now he sends me flowers every year to mark the occasion.
See, niche scents can make you happy!