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Santal Majuscule


Launched in 2012 by Parfums-Beaute Serge Lutens, Santal Majuscule is the third Lutens’ fragrance to showcase sandalwood, after Santal Blanc and Santal de Mysore. “Majuscule’ means ‘capital’ and the Lutens website describes Santal Majuscule as “Sandalwood written in capital letters, full scale and life sized!”

Based on Australian sandalwood, which has a harsher scent profile that Indian sandalwood, it opens with notes of sandalwood and Damask rose. As body heat warms up the fragrance, it gets more complex – the sandalwood develops a sweet, sweaty, animalic woodiness, while the lush, creamy rose has a soft fruity, apricot facet. In the Middle East, Damask rose is used to flavour desserts like Turkish delight, rice pudding and ice cream, and it offers some of that sweetness here, giving Santal Majuscule a delicious gourmand aspect while keeping it way south of sweet-tooth territory. Then, a note of cocoa gives it a rich, deep, dark smoothness.

The drydown is dry, balsamy, rich, woody and warm – it is the smell of ecstasy with a heft that keeps me reaching for it on cold winter days.

Perfumery is chemistry, but it takes a kind of magic to transform Australian sandalwood into something sublime and then coax complementing facets of rose and cocoa and add them to it, but Serge Lutens and Christopher Sheldrake did it beautifully with Santal Majuscule.

Notes: Sandalwood, Damask rose, cocoa.

Type: EdP

Pafumeurs: Serge Lutens and Christopher Sheldrake

Price: $5.00