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"Scents of Season " Pack


"Scents of Season" Pack
Four fabulous niche scents to give or send to those you love for the Holidays. Four 1 ml. decants for $14.00, regular $16.00.
Myrrhiad by Parfumerie Générale
Sharp and bitter, myrrh is right up at the opening and stays throughout as its different facets are highlighted. Soon it’s sweetened with amber and warm, rich vanilla which coax sweetness out of the myrhh while a note of unsweetened licorice, which is bitter and intense, gently underscores the bitter myrhh and contrasts with the sweetness of the vanilla. Balsam, which like myrrh is an oleoresin, highlights its woody aspect.
 L’Ambre des Merveilles by Hermès.
 The legendary sensuous amber note. It’s an incredibly warm, intimate scent with faint sweetness, hints of salt, woods, and leather, hints of vanilla and tobacco AND…it owns a superb sillage. Diffused, light as a cloud, a perfect fragrance for male or female to wear anywhere anytime and quietly leave a soft trail in their wake. The perfect cure for grey winter days.
Harricana by Monsillage.
This fragrance smells exactly like a walk in the primeval woods. It smells of nature – green, woodsy and animalic – but nature tamed – refined, sophisticated and polished. It stays close to the skin, like a second luxurious skin.
Marni by Marni.
 It’s a fragrant woody scent with warmth and darkness, but soft and restrained on the skin. From crisp green fruit through natural spicy florals to woods and herbs softened with incense and musk, Marni  travels it own path and ends up smelling very expensive, smart, sexy, and intelligent. Great combo.
Four 1 ml. decants for $14.00, regular $16.00.


Price: $14.00