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Sensemilla is all about the hemp note:

“Cannabis essential oil is at the core of the fragrance. The central ingredient around which others whirl.  Sensemilla is in fact the name for a super potent variety of marijuana, and I wrote the perfume keeping in mind the name it was to have. Therefore Sensemilla is a full fledged Hemp perfume.” Abdes Salaam, perfumer.

Yes, it is indeed, and it smells wonderful. The 100% natural materials include hemp absolute, cocoa, neroli, tuberose, narcissus, and cedar. The assertive opening is green and peppery, and soon begins to smell like ….lavender! soft green lavender, not sharp herbal lavender. This must be the hemp/neroli/narcissus accord, lemony-orange fresh citrus mixed with herbs and greens….mmm, it’s heavenly.

As it dries down the herbal effect becomes drier and more earthy, and is partnered with the scent of mown hay on the wind, faintly sweet. The green becomes more watery and vegetal, and in the base, there’s a swirl of aromatics, greens, resins, smoke, and vague florals. The natural materials blend together seamlessly, making transitions smooth and creating a sensation of pure relaxation and comfort. Not one note stands out or is jarring, the scent evolves like a slow-moving quiet river of soft pleasure.

Hemp is not an easy note to work with – it has a really strong medicinal aroma which is oily and leathery and can be overpowering. But Abdes Salaam, who is self-taught by the way, has the unique talent of being able to take difficult notes and render them with a soft touch, which makes them beautiful. All of his scents that I’ve worn seem to possess this quality, which I can only describe as an inner light.

Sensemilla is not an ordinary perfume, it’s extraordinary, and worth trying. 

Notes: hemp absolute, cocoa, neroli, tuberose, narcissus, and cedar

Type: Perfume oil

Parfumeur: Abdel Salaam (Dominique Dubrana)

Price: $7.00