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Skarb was launched in 2007 by Humiecki and Graef, the first fragrance from this unique niche brand, which the two founders describe as " a perfume label full of memories".
Inspired by Slavic tears, Skarb starts out green – the nether-world note of absinthe with its creamy apect, mixed with the dried herbal smells of lovage and myrtle, and the sweet/sour earthy waft of carrot seed. This pungent green scent smells like it is growing, and rotting, at the same time. Then a watery accord creeps in, and I recognize Christophe Laudamiel’s genius signature note (smell his “S-ex by  S-Perfume). The tears have formed, and they smell salty, leathery, watery, very male and musky, and oh so melancholic.
Skarb has this sensation of melancholy down into its heart, but in the end this oddly elegant scent is warmed by the smoldering fires beneath – the incense, myrhh, patchouli  and orris notes form a complex aromatic accord which dries the tears and leaves the Slavic eyes smiling. The green notes return mixed with sweet hay and smoky incense, and the world is alive again. The tears are tears of joy, not sorrow.
The scent has no prescribed gender, it has no specific place, it’s an extremely wearable chameleon scent that slowly opens and creates a feeling of quiet bonhomie. A green from nature, watery but more animalic than aquatic, warmed from the earth, it has a soulful tenderness at its core.
Notes: Absinth, myrtle, lovage, barley extract, musk, watery accord, carrot seeds, incense, myrrh, patchouli, orris, Roman chamomille, prune
EdT Concentree
Parfumeur: Christophe Laudamiel

Price: $5.00