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Smoked Amber - SOLD OUT


This is a Limited Edition scent, so we cannot re-stock - so sad!
Smoked Amber follows a D.S.& Durga development pattern, surprisingly rough in the first few moments, evolving slowly into an exquisitely intoxicating amber scent, like a genie slowly spinning out of a bottle. The scent even looks smoked in the bottle – it’s the burnt caramel colour of aged cognac – so the first few sinus-clearing sniffs aren’t unexpected, and I happen to like the scents of furniture polish and camphor chest rub, which the first few sniffs bring to mind.
These sharp aromas soon disappear, giving way to notes of unmistakable birch smokiness. It is so delicious, wisps of wood-smoke like sitting around a campfire on a chilly night, with notes of tar from the burning wood and hints of leather from the jackets that keep out the cold at our backs, Then bubbling up from underneath come the sweeter resins. Extracted from trees, these ancient resins all have a woody character, and each is different.
First is opoponax or sweet myrhh, warm and balsamic with notes of sweet honey. Next is frankincense, prized by ancient cultures for its spiritual and healing properties, cool, smoky-sweet, ethereal.  Last is cassia, spicy, earthy, intensely aromatic with cinnamon facets. Swirling with the smoky birch, these resins notes weave in and out, combining to create an opulent warm amber accord – a truly smoked amber, which settles on the skin, and smolders satisfyingly for hours.
Some Oriental scents with their ambers, resins, and spices, take longer to evolve on cool skin, and seem to have been created specifically for cold weather Fall and Winter wearing. Their wafts smell clearer and brighter in cold air, and their traditional notes have the power to soothe, providing a sensation of warmth for body and soul. Smoked Amber is one of these orientals. It’s a warm-hearted beauty.
Note: this is a 15 ml. limited edition which is no longer made, so when it’s gone, it’s gone. 
Update - June 14, 2017 - IT'S GONE!
Notes: birch, opoponax, frankincense,cassia.
Type: EdP
Parfumeur : D.S. & Durga

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