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Smuggler's Soul

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This is sandalwood, sandalwood and green vetiver, which makes this fragrance different and original right out of the box since the sandalwood note is most often matched with dark or rich notes such as vanilla, patchouli, amber or musk. The Gorilla creative team love sandalwood, they’ve travelled around the world to source it, and have written a story about their experiences in their illustrated book named On the trail of the Sandalwood Smugglers. "Sandalwood is a beautiful oil which has been used for centuries, it is an oil we love and we are very excited to be able to tell its complex and amazing story." Hence the name Smuggler’s Soul for their sandalwood fragrance.
Smuggler’s Soul uses two types of sandalwood – Rosewood oil (Aniba Rosaeodoro) and Sandalwood (Santalum Austro-Caledonicum Vieill). The first few moments are strong, vibrant with resinous oils layered one on top of the other - lemongrass and green vetiver and the two sandalwoods, forming an accord that smells soapy and oily from the mix of resins but oddly dry, like dry body oil. It’s fresh and green and very alive.
After five minutes, Smuggler’s Soul has a classic masculine vibe which begins to recede as the lemon note becomes juicier and sweeter and the sandalwood note warms up, releasing woody aromas like the scent of fine sawdust in a wood-working studio. Tagetes (marigold) oil with its waxy quality and faint smoky almost boozy undertones, is layered into the mix, which is the lead-in for a long and wonderful dry-down.
After thirty minutes, Smuggler’s Soul is humming, radiating warmth and good feeling. The waxy marigold note transforms into a feminine powdery vintage lipstick note, a la Frederic Malle’s Lipstick Rose minus the rose, harmonizing perfectly with the sweetened lemongrass and vetiver accord, yin and yang. An hour in, the sandalwood accord moves into the spotlight and stays there for hours, its distinctive creamy powdery woody character offering hints of spice and sweet, and calming balsams. The mind’s eye can see the beautiful wood grain polished to  satiny perfection, smooth as silk and warm to the touch. 
Smuggler’s Soul is unisex, is a very well-made fragrance with excellent staying power and a well-calibrated waft, and for sandalwood lovers, this unique fragrance featuring their favourite note paired with green vetiver is an experience they shouldn’t miss. There’s nothing else like it.

Price: $5.00