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Soleil Liquide

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Soleil Liquide is a citrus with white florals and musk, a simple scent with a divinely pure aspect to it. The citrus in the top is delicious and drinkable, the tangerine and blood orange first for the juicy effect, followed up by the grapefruit which gives the citrus opening a zesty bitterness as it develops. After the first five minutes, the citrus accord has an edge of candied rind which sweetens the citrus but still maintains the juiciness.
In the heart, the grapefruit, tangerine, and blood orange accord blends with neroli flowers, the magical scent of orange blossom, honeyed and jasmine-like. These white blossoms are gentle and weightless, never becoming heavy or overpowering, but they elegantly soften the citrus. In the drydown, I can identify creamy sandalwood and musk, two notes that always create a smooth finale for any fragrance, but in Soleil Liquide, as with the other notes, they become part of the whole rather than demanding centre stage -there are no distracting woody or animalic notes in Soleil Liquide.
As the sun goes down in the evening the scent smells soft and slightly floral sweet, still fresh and aromatic and natural, just like the back garden as I wander through admiring our lush growth and colourful pots of blooms. Soleil Liquide was made for summer days – simple and natural-smelling but fresh and lively for many hours on my skin, it truly made me feel happy as I sniffed my wrists throughout this sunny day. 
Made by Memoire Liquide, a small niche brand which uses pure essences and essentials oils, the inside cover of the charming gold-trimmed book-box which contains Soleil Liquide says, “Remember…Be Remembered.” That won’t be difficult when I wear this gorgeous fragrance.
Notes: fresh grapefruit, tangerine, blood orange, neroli flowers, santal, white musk.
Type: EdP
Parfumeur: Unknown

Price: $5.00