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Spirit of the Glen


David Moltz of the indie niche brand, D.S. & Durga, visited Scotland, went to Speyside on the north-east coast and walked the hills and glens (valleys), worked and studied with The Glenlivet distillery, and the result is Spirit of the Glen. Read all about the distillery here, and watch this video with David Moltz – it conveys the magic he experienced in the Highland landscape. To my nose, this fragrance captures the smell of that land - the rocks, the flowers, the moss, the earth, the rain, the mist, -  and it’s wrapped inside the distinctive aroma of The Glenlivet single malt whiskey, because one is made from the other.
Opening notes of pear, grass, and pineapple weed, commonly known as wild chamomile, start Spirit of the Glen with a really unusual herbal green fruit accord that is almost sweet, but doesn’t quite get to sweet, it’s more grassy. It’s earthy and green, with hints of chamomile tea. The opening notes spin off into the air and the heart segues into hay and oak wood, deepening the vegetal effect, becoming richer and aromatic, yet keeping the soft velvety feel  – like the swirl of single malt on the tongue.
The dry-down into the base connects the dots to the golden liquid – barley malt, charred bourbon barrel, and sherry cask are the very descriptive listed notes, and boozy woodiness becomes dominant. A big sniff on my wrist, and I get that same feeling of anticipation as when I sniff the whiskey in the glass, so I keep sniffing, and detect bready notes, with almond, and dark dusty vanilla swirling with the smoked wood, and the grassy herbs – hints of warmed whiskey with a soft lingering finish that lasts for several hours. It’s not foody in the least, it’s sexy and sophisticated and borders on edgy, but is strangely comforting at the same time.
Spirit of the Glen was inspired by the legendary Glenlivet whiskey, and channels the same sense of heritage and quality, but it tells its own story of the Highlands – the smell of the mountains, the cold rivers, the damp earth, the misty air.  If you wear Spirit of the Glen, you won’t smell like whiskey – you’ll smell like you have a fascinating story to tell.
Notes: pear, grass, pineapple weed, limousine oak, wild chamomile, hay, barley malt, charred bourbon malt, sherry cask.
Type: EdP
Parfumeur: David Moltz

Price: $8.00