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Still Life


 Still Life is from Olfactive Studio, the niche brand that takes input from perfume lovers to create visual images as design briefs for perfumers.
I lift the sleek square bottle of tinted juice out of the box, and spritz. Cocktails are being served! A tantalizing twist of yuzu, the bitter Japanese citrus, is in the first few sniffs. Its unique  blend of sweet mandarin zest and ultra-tart grapefruit hangs at the top for the first couple of minutes, then is followed by nose-tingling pops of pepper notes, pink and black. The whole effect of this citrus/pepper accord in the first half hour is amazing - bright, sparkly, full of movement, anything but still.

I can hear the party-buzz deepen as Still Life moves into the heart – someone plants bottles of anise and rum on the table. Shots, anyone? The atmosphere mellows further as these flavourful notes blend with the citrus and pepper – this Still Life is a taste as much as a scent, and it is awfully good. The dry-down deepens the rum, mixing it with cedar and ambrox so that it becomes not caramel-sweet, but dry and slightly resinous, still with a hint of yuzu. The sparkly cocktail from the opening notes has become the perfect drink for more serious post-party conversation, when opinions are expressed, philosophies explained, ideas challenged.
Still Life continues into the wee hours, and next morning I get a lovely whiff of citrus and woods, fainter, a little flatter, but very much alive.  It makes me feel good, and I decide that the perfume name was chosen with amused, tongue-in-cheek deliberation, and probably more than a few laughs.
Still Life is original and full of life, a citrus with lasting power - I love it!

Price: $5.00