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Suave Petals

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Launched in 2013 by niched Italian house Merchant of Venice, Suave Petals was inspired by Peach blossoms, according to their press release:
“In Asia, peach blossom represents feminine beauty. During the Chinese New Year, those who wish to find love must buy a peach tree. The soft velvety touch of Suave Petals creates sensorial layers that lightly grace a woman’s skin.”

Native to China, peaches likely made their way to Europe through the silk trade during Roman times, so it makes sense for a fragrance house inspired by Venice’s prominent role in ancient Mediterranean trade routes to create Suave Petals, one of six eau de parfum in the "Murano Collection". And now is the perfect time to wear it.

Suave Petals opens with bitter, citrusy bergamot leading to notes of apple and pineapple. They usher in a lush note of nectarine blossom – not peach. Nectarine and peach are the same species, but nectarine blossom is a little sweeter, with more of an apricot nuance. Used here, it gives a fuller peach effect. It also has a floral aspect that merges with the violet facet of orris root, so that the opening is fruity/sweet, floral and summery but gentle and smooth and well, suave.

As it blooms, the petals appear: creamy, fleshy tuberose along with citrusy, honeyed orange flower and lush, romantic rose. The fruits at the top are beautifully tempered by the florals at the heart and make me smile every time I get a whiff of it them rising from my skin At the base, sandalwood and patchouli give it a woodiness and a link to the east. A touch of vanilla sweetens it just enough while musk smooths it out, like a second, sensuous skin.

The drydown is smooth, sophisticated and very feminine. Suave Petals is so beautifully blended that I get gorgeous fruity, floral and woody whiffs but nothing dominates or is loud. As much as I love peaches, I want to wear them in a fragrance just the way they are presented here: a soft, gentle reminder of summer days past that I carry for hours on my skin on summer days present.

Notes: bergamot, nectarine, apple, pineapple, iris, tuberose, orange flower, white rose, sandalwood, patchouli, vanilla, and musk.

Type: EdP

Parfumeur: Valerie Garnuch

Price: $5.00