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Tabac Citron


The French countryside was Charna Ethier's inspiration for Tabac Citron. Charna is the creator and the nose of Providence Perfume Co., the 100% natural indie perfume brand located in Providence, Rhode Island.
Tabc Citron is fresh and snappy in the first whiffs, with an almost medicinal bitter edge – the combination of oily lemon zest and the bite of herbal lavender make an arresting accord. But the soft smoky scent of fresh-picked tobacco leaves drying in the summer sun immediately starts to soften this unusual opening and Tabac Citron soon transforms into an aroma that I want to breathe in big breaths. It has a creamy pale-green smoothness like new hay, but edged with the fresh sour lemon notes, which makes it so gorgeous, and so niche.
As Tabac Citron dries down into the heart the florals, rose and ylang-ylang, add just the merest hint of spicy sweetness that hovers above the tobacco leaves drying in the sun.  In the final drydown, Charna’s scent takes on a warm richness from the smooth sandalwood and black spruce base notes, but it never becomes heavy or thick. Tabac Citron dries down as a divinely sophisticated luxuriously sunny outdoor scent that can be worn and loved by everyone, especially in the summer. It ends after a few hours with a lovely soft-cotton woody waft, with the faintest suggestion of the lemon top note.
I love knowing that Tabac Citron and all of Providence Perfume Co. scents are sourced from 100% natural materials from around the world. If she can’t source them, she makes them herself. Charna is a member of the Natural Perfumers Guild, and was one of the participants in the guild’s 2010 “Outlaw Perfumes” project, the purpose of which was to focus on many of the natural essences that have been forbidden by IFRA. 
Notes: Lemon, rosewood, pink grapefruit, lavender, rose, ylang-ylang, white tobacco, sandalwood and black spruce.
Type: EdP
Parfumeur: Charna Ethier

Price: $6.00