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If you don’t like the smell of linden, Tilleul might have little appeal for you. It’s a soliflore, deceptively simple, but in the hands of the brilliant Olivia Giacobetti, this single note is its strength because she renders it so beautifully.

Tilleul  opens with a light lemon note, and watermelon – the green rind rather than the pink fruit – and a delicate hint of sweetness from the angelica plant. Since this is a soliflore, the development is very smooth, and after a few minutes, the watermelon fades and I smell the heart of linden blossom paired with cyclamen, the linden the earthy sweet, and the cyclamen the floral sweet of the deepening accord.

In the background right from the start is a grassy green note, the fresh note that makes linden so definitely a smell of early summer, and which transforms into the scent of new-mown hay as the dry-down develops. The hay is the perfect contrast and balance to the soft floral sweetness in the linden flower heart, and it blends with the smell of golden beeswax, adding a faint musty honeyed nuance that makes Tilleul smell like it’s still on the tree. The scent deepens further with subtle wood notes, and voila! Tilleul is complete.
The sillage is light and subtle, and the scent lasts for hours on my skin, especially in hot weather – the warmer I get, the longer it lasts.

Notes: Lemon Tree Leaf, Angelica, Watermelon, Lime Blossom, Cyclamen, Beeswax, Acacia Wood.
Type: EdT
Parfumeur: Olivia Giacobetti


Price: $4.00