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My mother liked to grow tomatoes every summer, and the summer I was six years old , she grew a bumper crop. The smell of that tomato patch was truly indescribable – stems, fruit, leaves, earth, flowers, water, mixed with the scent from nearby peach and pear trees  - but I remember it distinctly, and to this day, it is one of my favourite summer smells.
This smell memory was triggered by sniffing a fragrance called Tomato Leaf, part of the Haute Perfume line from Illuminum, created by Michael Boadi in 2011. Tomato Leaf doesn’t smell exactly like tomato leaves, which have a very distinct green astringent vegetal smell with a bitter pine facet, similar to geranium leaves. If you’re yearning for a soliflore scent featuring that very special single note, this isn’t it. This is tomato leaf, and much more.
Tomato Leaf opens with a divine accord made from the earthy rootiness of carrot seed, which is very similar to the iris note, bitter green vegetal tomato leaf, and the sweet zest of an ripe orange – fresh, bitter, sweet, tangy, and earthy all in one big sniff. The astringent green tomato comes to the top for a minute or two, and then it subsides as the white florals come into play.
Freesia, jasmine, and peachy osmanthus form the heart of this green floral fragrance, the peppery green soapy freshness of the freesia mixing with the indolic jasmine at first, and then giving way to the soft velvety peach-skin scent of the osmanthus flower. As the heart settles, this floral accord softens, losing some of its sweetness as the green tomato note pokes through periodically, and taking on a sensation of flowers floating in water, flowers that smell just like water lilies. The heart is full and rich, but not too floral, not too green, fresh and still earthy.
The base notes add musk, a light white musk rather than dark animal musk, and vanilla is listed, but the tomato leaf makes it smell more like coconut milk – sweet but vegetal. The dry-down lasts several hours and Tomato Leaf still smells green, a little bit earthy, softly sweet, like a stroll in the garden on a late summer afternoon.
Tomato Leaf has an energy and freshness and a casual vibe that makes it a perfect summer fragrance for both men and women, but it also has a distinctive olfactory twist that makes it different and unique, and that’s the tomato leaf note.
Notes: Carrot seed, orange, tomato leaf, freesia, jasmine, osmanthus, musk, vanilla.
Type: EdP
Parfumeur: Michael Boadi

Price: $6.00