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Un Coeur en Mai


How does a perfumer make a fragrance smell green? Notes of spring flowers, such as lily of the valley, hyacinth, lilac, iris, violet, mixed with citrus and woody notes will do it, but galbanum is the distinctive “green” note. Never heard of galbanum? It’s a flowering plant, and the resin has been used for centuries, as described in Wikipedia:

“The “green” incense of Egyptian antiquity is believed to have been galbanum. Galbanum resin has a very intense green scent accompanied by a turpentine odour. The initial notes are a very bitter, acrid, and peculiar scent...followed by a complex green, spicy, woody, balsam-like fragrance..."

Un Coeur en Mai ( A Heart in May) was created by Patricia de Nicolai for Parfums MDCI, and was launched in 2009.  It opens with the most beautiful dewy green notes, smooth as silk and perfectly balanced. Hyacinth and lily of the valley are the florals in this fresh spring mix, layered over galbanum and citrusy bergamot so that they are perceived softly, their lush sweetness balanced by the resins.
The slight sharpness of the galbanum recedes and I can smell earthy rose – I see  pale pink blooms paired with a hint of fruit – must be the black current. This is the gentle heart of Coeur en Mai, and then the dry down leads me into sandalwood and musk, full rich notes that are tempered with pepper and spice.

 I love the journey that Patricia de Nicolai takes me on with this fragrance – she is a master at light but complex fragrances.  It takes me to a feeling of “life is good”, anticipating new experiences, hopeful. Spring – I love it!

Notes: hyacinth, lily of the valley, petitgrain, bergamot, Bulgarian rose, galbanum, black currant, melon, Moroccan mimosa, Bourbon geranium, black pepper, coriander, musk, precious woods.
Type: EdP
Parfumeur: Patricia de Nicolaï

Price: $5.00