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Under My Skin extrait de parfum by artisanal perfumer Francesca Bianchi, owns a long and complex note list but it wears on skin with intimate warmth and elegance.  The opening is at first citrusy and herbal from grapefruit and lavender but the notes are beautifully rendered in watercolour tones, fresh and dewy and soft. A cloud of milky sandalwood and orris butter rises and goes poof! releasing the lush elegance of the vegetal iris accord which merges with salty/sweet ambergris, sueded leather and musk notes as the perfume dries down.  

Spicy pepper and carnation, rose and more sandalwood and balsamic wood notes and dark vanilla and bitter moss expand the warm skin notes, adding depth and texture, so that Under My Skin taps into intimate memories. The scent of home and place – woods, seashores, gardens, kitchens, books, clothes. And the scent of loved ones - siblings, mothers, fathers, lovers, babies, children, wives, husbands.

Under My Skin is two perfumes in a single bottle. Smell it up close on your skin and it is leathery and sensual, a deep animalic scent. Catch its elegant waft from your clothes and it is creamy and velvety, an intimate human scent. Because of this subtle dichotomy, Under My Skin is an incredibly wearable fragrance, for any person for any occasion. 

Under My Skin is definitely a new interpretation of the animalic genre in contemporary perfumes - there is currently nothing else like it. Seamlessly blended and harmonious, not dark, or loud, or polarizing, her fragrance emanates warmth and good-feeling, with a “lean-in” quality that is so appealing.    

Under My Skin is not about the notes, it’s about the feelings it stirs, and I can feel Francesca’s passion for her art whenever I wear it. I know that we can all use more passion and beautiful art in our daily lives.

Notes:  grapefruit, lavender, black pepper,spices, bulgarian rose, carnation, iris butter, musk, castoreum, ambergris, leather accord, costus, tonka bean, tolu balsam, peru balsam, sandal mysore, vanilla, treemoss.

Type: Extrait de parfum

Parfumeur: Francesca Bianchi

Price: $7.00