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Vanilla Marble – Loads of Chic and Very Cool – November 22, 2014 New Fragrance Listing

Image - Wikemedia Commons - Marble sculpture by Rodin,  

J. Paul Getty Museum

I’m not a big fan of sweet-for-the-sake-of-sweet, in food or fragrance. Sugary-sweet desserts, candy, or perfume hold no mystery for me.

But give me sweet mixed with tart, spice, herb, aromatic, salt, smoke, or booze flavours that temper the sweet note, whatever it is – chocolate, caramel, almond, vanilla, orange, jasmine, rose, amber, for example - then I’m on board, curiosity piqued, imagination primed, ready to zoom off on yet another sensory experience.

I just got zoom-d by Vanilla Marble from Agonist. This 2011 fragrance from the exceptional100% natural niche brand from Sweden that Gwen and I discovered last year – see Liquid Crystal and Black Amber - is vanilla paired with some divine accords which make this familiar gourmand note cool and intriguing.

Vanilla Marble opens with a vanilla and what smells to me like a whiskey combination, which soon develops a soft floral edge with a hint of coconut. My initial response is that this is going to be sickly sweet but Vanilla Marble doesn’t go there. Instead almond, one of my favourite gourmand notes, is subtly introduced. Mixed with the opening notes, the scent becomes a soft tropical accord, short on syrup and long on gorgeous waft.  

The florals blossom in the heart, slightly green earthy and milky – orchid and white fig are listed – and give a real sensation of a cool surface, just like marble, smooth cool white marble sculpted into rounded sensuous shapes. I can feel the depth of this fragrance developing as it moves into the base, with herbal patchouli and amber and creamy aromatic sandalwood showcasing the soft floral elements.

The vanilla note deepens in the dry-down – don’t forget this is named Vanilla Marble -  and is strengthened by smoky resinous leathery benzoin and powdery spiced almond tonka bean, both of which have vanillic overtones But the vanilla focus remains restrained and subtle from top to bottom, reflecting the cool sensation created in the floral heart at the same time as it projects an inviting and almost cozy aura.

Vanilla Marble is a sublime vanilla scent. It is vanilla without the sugar, like a distant memory from a tropical paradise, a grown-up version of the vanilla note that feels very contemporary and of the moment. It wears extremely close to the skin, which makes this Agonist scent perfect for vanilla lovers who can covetously sniff their wrists throughout the day, as well as ideal for those who are simply vanilla likers, and prefer to be teased rather than overwhelmed by this distinctive note.

Modern chic and sex appeal are written all over Vanilla Marble.

Vanilla Marble is listed in our Decant Store. Decants are $6.00.