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Part of the Made in Italy line, Venice, September 22nd 2007, 8:00 am Vaporetto to Lido de Venezia, as the name implies, is designed to capture a moment in time – the journey by vaporetto to Lido from the mainland.
It opens with the smell of the salt sea air, this is made cool and fresh by the addition of bergamot and anise, which adds a slight sweetness. Peony brings a soft floral note which gives the juice an organic depth – like the grass and plants on the island. Sandal wood adds a woody note while patchouli gives it an earthiness that brings to mind reminds us of Venice’s trading links with the east. The addition of musk gives it a softness and a fullness.
Cool, soft, serene and haunting any day you wear it.

Notes: salt, bergamot, star anise, peony, big rush, sand accord, sandalwood, patchouli, amber musk

Type:  EDP

Parfumeur: Marie Salagmagne

Price: $5.00