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Victrix – Succumb to it – January 13, 2014 New Fragrance Listing

A modern recreation of a Roman Standard courtesy of Wikipedia

I see you. Yep, that’s me looking back at you from behind your screen. You feel trapped in a the tight squeeze of a one-spritz-fits-all perfume box, your scent soul is languishing, fatigued from the merry-go-round of mediocre safe and sure fragrances and longing for the stirring olfactory adventures of wild frontiers, virgin terrain and uncharted territories. I see this and I can tell you that what your parched scent soul thirsts for is Victrix. That’s right, Victrix from Profumum Roma, the Italian niche line launched in 1969 by the Durante family.

Victrix, gets its name from the Sixth Victorious Legion, the Roman legion founded by Octavian, who later became Emperor Augustus, in 41 BC. This is the legion that fought against Marc Antony in the Battle of Actium; the legion that conquered the Iberian Peninsula and brought it under Roman rule; the legion that marched on Rome in 68 AD forcing the Emperor Nero to kill himself. This is the fragrance that can conquer your perfume blahs and help you find the playful confidence to explore new fragrance experiences.

A woody aromatic, Victrix opens boldly with green, woody earthy vetiver tempered by rosy, not spicy, pink pepper. Then, aromatic bay leaf comes forward adding an herbal spiciness to the juice and a nod to the horseshoe-shaped laurel leaf crowns the Romans bestowed on successful military commanders during their triumphal marches. Over time, the vetiver, pink pepper and bay leaf, mellow out and soften, creating a dark, piney accord. Then coriander, smelling slightly minty, adds a fresh herbal boost, while, at the base, Oakmoss gives it a delicate green forest aspect – rich and earthy. The drydown is green, fresh and elegant, with the vetiver skirting throughout its development.

And, when you do try it, I suggest you sit down and hold on to something.

Victrix is a conqueror and the best way to handle a conqueror is to succumb to it. And when you do, your olfactory doors of perception will fly off their hinges, you’ll step out of the world of boring and blah frags. Why, I can imagine you finding the courage you’ve wished for, to embark on certain olfactory adventures that you’ve only heard existed.

Victrix can start you on that adventure. And if you are wondering if it is a masculine or a feminine fragrance or a winter or a summer fragrance, well, that’s just the kind of in-the-box thinking you need to conquer.

Today, we’re adding Victrix to our Decant Store. Decants are $6.00.