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Violet Flame


Violet Flame tells a different violet story. Natural perfumer Christie Meshell from House of Matriarch describes her newest scent as “…a liquid mantra of unmatched frequency and purity from a higher dimension where fragrance is enchanted and the magical properties of the natural violet can be fully expressed…” Violet Flame, which is 99% natural, is “for those who know, and those who wish to.” Hmmm, sounds intriguing but some research is required…

First of all, the name is important. Violet Flame refers to the essence of spiritual light, according to Dr. Athena Perrakis of

“Are you familiar with the Violet Flame? The Violet Flame is the quintessence of spiritual light, and it can be likened to that which exists beyond the Crown Chakra, where everything is wonderful oneness. Mystics across time and space have glimpsed a “spiritual spectrum” behind the physical spectrum of light observable by the human eye…The Violet Flame possesses the qualities of mercy, forgiveness, freedom, love, and transmutation – all the high vibrational light qualities of Source. The color violet has long been associated with spirituality… which is our portal to the Higher Realms…”

Violet Flame, the perfume, ultimately takes the violet note far beyond the garden and forest. From the opening spritz, the scent is welcoming and warm, vibrant and herbaceous, Swiss violets basking in sun-warmed grass, faintly spiced with the aromas of sweet licorice and soft floral heather. But with the addition of a breathtaking iris accord - orris root powder aged thirty years, and orris butter, which are loaded with ionones - mixed with earthy oakmoss, Violet Flame soars into the atmosphere.

For several hours, this purple violet accord floats on the gorgeous iris and oakmoss, all the notes in perfect harmony and balance, creating what I can only describe as an ethereal sensation of pure peace and contentment. This feeling of universal belonging deepens through the long dry-down as the violet accord diminishes and becomes velvety soft, fading to a faint flicker of flame by the end of its journey. 

Violet Flame is not powdery or sweet or heavy or flirty, like other violet fragrances. Ideal fro bothmen and women, it is a different violet experience, unadorned and pure, and like its name, offers a glimpse of the spiritual spectrum. I can’t say that about many perfumes in my collection.

Notes: Ravensara, Swiss violet, Elderflower, Heather, Orris Root powder aged 30+ years, Orris butter, Licorice Root, Arnica, Oakmoss, Amethyst charged grape spirits.

Type: Parfum extrait

Parfumeur: Christie Meshell

Price: $12.00