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Violette in Love - Flirty (April 1, 2011 New Fragrance Listing)

Photo Wikipedia - Viola odorata

Spring is happening here – the green tips of the hostas are pushing through the back flower beds. The poor dog is getting yelled at a lot for stepping off the paths, and his raised brow says he’s puzzled at my new behaviour – “what’s her problem??” The damage is limited thank god, he’s eager to please and a quick learner, otherwise he’d be spending the next few weeks in jail.

The arrival of spring and the new garden is an important event in my life every year. I love the anticipation, the planning, the great relief of getting outside, and I love the colours, the sounds of the birds, the smells – always the smells….wet dirt, compost, mulch, twigs, flagstone, green buds, new blooms. 

Violets bloom in late April and May in Toronto, depending on the weather, and they’re one of my favourites. Last year I wrote about two violet fragrances – Violet Empire from CB I Hate Perfume and Bois de Violette from Serge Lutens – and this year my new violet love is Violette in Love from Parfums de Nicolaï.  Three violet scents? – yeah, because they’re all so different.

Violet Empire is green, green, green, with mint, woods and leather notes, and just the merest hint of sweet violet. It’s a water-based scent and has a “moment in time” quality to it which I find appealing - It is the smell of spring. Bois de Violette is fuller, more shiny, resinous and wet-smelling – wet cedar, green leaves, forest floor - and the middle stage and drydown really showcase the purple violet bloom as it sweetens. Both are light scents that sit on your skin, and waft.

Violette in Love , a limited edition launched in 2009 by Patricia de Nicolaï, takes the green and purple of the violet and mixes in other colours, making the palette much brighter and vibrant – yellow citrus, pink pepper, red raspberry, in the top notes; red rose and pale iris are added to the violet heart notes; and black pepper, coriander and musk add spice and fullness to the base. The musk, which is not listed in the other two fragrances, is I think what makes the biggest difference – it adds flesh to the perfume bones, making Violette in Love more luscious and rounded than VE and BdeV.

 So how do I rate them? I can’t do that! It’s like asking me to say which of my kids I love the most. But I can tell you how each of them affects me differently.....

I’ll wear Violet Empire when I want to feel sort of chic or avant garde, removed from the crowd...

I’ll wear Bois de Violette when I want to feel creative, comtemplative, knowing...

And I’ll wear Violette in Love when I want to feel younger, hip, and slightly flirty.

This "mood altering" or" mood creating" power is one of the things I love about perfume, and it's the reason why I own not one, not two, but three violet fragrances.

Violette in Love is listed in our Decant Store. Decants are $5.00 for 1 ml.