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Launched in 2020 by indie niche perfumer Hiram Green, Vivacious is a stunning spring scent that can be worn all year round.

The Hiram Green website says: "Vivacious is a violet-themed perfume that takes its cue from those prim Victorians who adored this precious flower so much. Updated for the 21st century, this scent has a happy and carefree flair.”

Vivacious opens with burst of effervescent bergamot. Bright and fresh, it leads to a floral heart of violet and carnation. The violet is beautiful and natural smelling. At first it smells sweet, and reminds me of those little French violet candies, but this passes once carnation adds its cinnamon/clove spiciness that brightens the violet making it playful and flirty. This is not your wistful Victorian violet. Orris root - rooty, carrot-aspected, powdery and violet tinged, adds a creamy opulence to Vivacious, while amber, soft and warm gives it a smooth sensuality.

What makes Vivacious so unique for me, is the interplay among the violet, orris and carnation. It’s a balancing act that gives the fragrance a cheerful liveliness that is the very spirit of spring.

Notes: bergamot, violet, carnation, orris, amber

Type: EdP

Parfumeur: Hiram Green


Price: $6.00