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Water Cooler Pack


Frags with "eau" in their name  - softer scents for long hot summers! Keep them in the fridge and spray with abandon - just remember to put your clothes back on!
The Water Cooler Pack- $14.00 + shipping, regular price $18.00.
L'Eau Froide
L’Eau Froide does not smell like water, or ice, it doesn’t smell clean. It smells pure. And cold. It smells exactly like cold incense. There's a hint of mint, bitter citrus which is peppery and burns like icy air. Then the scent becomes like cold air in a vast stone church, sweetening after a few hours into a skin scent with a hint of musk. Extraordinary, and so very different.
L'Eau à la Folie
L'Eau à la Folie is, in essence, peach and rose combined in a refined and elegant expression of summer – no harsh notes, no sharpness – a light summer fragrance. It doesn’t make my pulse quicken, it makes it slow down. The jangly, busy-ness stops and what replaces it is pleasure.
Eau du Sud
Eau du Sud - The first spritz releases a blast of intense lemon citrus, slightly bitter with bergamot, grapefruit and black pepper! Green basil and mint give it a smokey note, and a woody base softens it all. Grown-up, earthy and sensuous. It’s also a true unisex fragrance.
L'Eau de Jatamansi
L'Eau de Jatamansi – citrusy and herbal, earthy and musty, this sounds like it should be heavy, instead it’s a light, chic sunny scent with a woody aromatic backbone that feels good to wear in the heat of summer.

Price: $14.00