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Week-end à Deauville


Originally launched by Parfums de Nicolaï in 2009 as a special edition, Week-end à Deauville had to be re-formulated to conform to IFRA standards. It is this re-vamped version which was made part of the regular line in 2011 and which we offer here. 

The fragrance was inspired by the memory of a holiday in Deauville. I’ve never been to Deauville, so let’s  Wikipedia says about the place:” With its racecourse, harbour, international film festival, marinas, conference centre, villas, Grand Casino and sumptuous hotels, Deauville is regarded as the "queen of the Norman beaches" and one of the most prestigious seaside resorts in all of France. Closest seaside when coming from Paris, the city and the nearby region of the Côte Fleurie (Flowers Coast) has long been home to French high society's seaside houses and is often referred to as the Parisian riviera. Since the 19th century, the town of Deauville has been a fashionable holiday resort for the international upper class. Deauville is also a desired wealthy family resort.”

Week-end à Deauville opens with a sparkling green herbal freshness from annisic basil and tarragon. There’s a note of green apple here too – a nod to Calvados, the apple brandy from Normandy. Then, peppermint appears along with an aquatic note that together smells like a cool breeze coming in off the ocean. It seems that Week-end à Deauville is very much a fragrance of place, because there is also note of hay – oh, yeah, the racecourse -  warmed by spicy cardamom.

The frag deepens to a gorgeous, you’ve-got-to-smell-this floral heart of sweet lilly of the valley tempered with exotic jasmine. What makes the floral heart of Week-end à Deauville so special? It’s the lilly of the valley. No natural essences can be extracted from this fragrant little bell flower and IFRA standards make it increasingly difficult for noses to replicate its scent in perfume, so it won’t be around for very long. Me, I like to think of the lilly of the valley note as a gift from Patricia de Nicolaï. That bouquet of florals rests on a base of cedarwood, leather and white musk giving Week-end à Deauville a refined woody, animalic, drydown that has hours of staying power.

This is not the summer scent of long lazy days spent on hot crowded beaches. Nope, this green/floral/woody is the very definition of a summer seaside holiday - relaxed yet sophisticated and chic. And since sophisticated and chic don’t really  belong to any one season, Week-end à Deauville can be worn in all of them.

Notes: basil, tarragon, green apple, peppermint, aquatic note, cardamom, lilly of the valley, jasmine, cedarwood, leather and white musk. 

Type: EdT

Parfumeur: Patricia de Nicolaï


Price: $4.00