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White Tubéreuse

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Launched in 2014 by Réminiscence, White Tubéreuse is part of the Historie De Fleurs Collection, along with its sister fragrance Love Rose, French costume jewelry brand Réminiscence.
A beautiful, summer tuberose, it opens with a nose-tingling sparkle that introduces a note of sweet, floral ylang ylang. The rich banana facets of ylang ylang make the opening tropical and summery. The ylang ylang leads to a heart of tuberose that’s creamy and buttery, fruity and fleshy. This is not a loud, diva tuberose in a too-short mini skirt and stiletto heels but it’s not a tamed or muted tuberose either. It’s heady and erotic all right, but it’s tasteful - a tuberose that any age can wear.

If you love tuberose, you’ll love this phase, but you’ll love it more when cinnamon gives it a warm hum. Tuberose and cinnamon? Oh, yeah. Sounds a bit odd, sounds a bit strange but whoever put these two together is a genius…oh, wait that would be Fabrice Pellegrin of Firmenich! Over time, the cinnamon fades, but the tuberose stays and settles on a woody/musky base and dries down to a creamy, smooth skin scent. And, being an EdP concentration, it lasts and lasts, keeping those summer memories alive.

White Tubéreuse has a carefree, easygoing attitude that is in line with the Réminiscence brand. It doesn’t evolve much and it isn’t demanding. It’s just an olfactory expression of pleasure. And, while I associate it most with memories of summer, it really can be worn any time of year.

In fact, writing this now reminds me that now would be a good time to spritz on a little White Tubéreuse, pour myself a glass of rosé and enjoy the lingering days of summer.

Notes: ylang ylang, tuberose, cinnamon, moss, woods and musk

Type: EdP

Parfumeur: Fabrice Pellegrin

Price: $5.00