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Winter Delice

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Winter in a bottle – kind of hard to do, I would think – but this artfully composed fragrance achieves it to perfection. Part of Guerlain’s newish “Aqua Allegoria” Collection, Winter Delice was introduced in 2001 and is considered by many discerning noses, mine included, to be the best of the bunch.

Winter Delice isn’t gingerbread and egg-nog Christmas –it’s WINTER! The scent of pine and balsam fir is fresh and sharp at first, I can feel the dry cold air catch the back of my throat, and I smell the snow on the evergreens. The scene sparkles, the scent sparkles............I’m loving it!

This fragrance develops perfectly - in the dry-down the base notes of smokey  incense, brown sugar and vanilla transform Winter Delice into a warm enveloping scent, sweetening the aromatic woods with a light gourmand glaze.

 I treasure my bottle of Winter Delice, and I’ll tell you why....... Guerlain has discontinued it, so if you happen to run across a bottle sitting at the back of a shelf somewhere, don’t even stop to consider – BUY IT!

Notes: fir, pine, balsam, Somali incense, sugar, vanilla
Type: EdT
Parfumeur: Unknown


Price: $5.00