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My magic potion for this Hallowe'en is WitchMusk from House of Matriarch ( Black No.1,The Longing,  Violet FlameFitnessence). Perfumer Christi Meshell definitely added a big dose of her creative magic to this 2018 potion. Declared on her website as The Fragrance of Magic, 93% organic, 98% botanical, and 99% natural with unusual notes such as broom and sabinene, this spiced vanilla musk is so deliciously addictive you know that it could only be only worn by good witches. 

The opening of WitchMusk is wonderfully strange, haunting like music in a minor key. Vanilla, mild at first, is immediately backlit by a subtle resinous accord of nutmeg, bitter chocolate and pepper, and dark earthy aromatic woods. It is truly unusual, fresh and green and spicy all at the same time, and so addictive I can’t stop sniffing my wrists. 

I’m almost disappointed when the dry down moves into the heart, but not for long because this next stage is just as tempting. The honeyed scent of broombush flowers mixed with dry hay and evergreen needles merges with musk, creating an accord in the heart that settles in, warmed by amber and patchouli. Even this  musk note is different,  avoiding the typical "skank or clean" musk profiles, a musk that seems generated from a secret source deep in the earth, and is smooth as satin. WitchMusk purrs like a cat in your lap, soft, smooth, warm and powerful, hypnotizing your senses. 

The magic continues in the base, as vanilla comes back, dark and delicious. Through the long dry-down, WitchMusk radiates this intriguingly delicious and sensual warmth – the vanilla and musk accords are in perfect balance, just enough sweet, just enough spice and woods, and exactly the right sleek cat to make WitchMusk a magic potion. 

WitchMusk - the Fragrance of Magic. Perfume Magic. 

Notes: vanilla, spicy musk, broom, patchouli powder, Sabinene, amber woods.

Type: Parfum extrait

Parfumeur: Christi Meshell

Price: $12.00