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Monacle Scent One: Hinoki

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I am a big fan of Monocle magazine. I like to read about the things they write about. So when Monocle partnered up with Comme des Garçons to design a fragrance to celebrate the first anniversary of the magazine, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on a sample.

From sample to bottle in the flash of a credit card. 
Inspired by a soak in an open-air wooden bath, called ofuro, on a spring morning while at the Tawaraya Inn in Kyoto, this scent was designed to capture the smells, the mood, the zen of that experience. 
Hinoki opens with a hit of camphor and a cypress/turpentine accord that really clears and calms the mind. As this fades, cedar and pine come forward along with thyme, which adds a soft herbal note. Frankencense adds warmth to the woods, while moss stops the conifers from getting too aggressive. It is cool and rich in its lightness.
Does it capture the experience of a soak in an outdoor open-air wooden bath in an expensive inn in Japan? I don’t know about that, but I can tell you that this clean, dry stunner is a must-have.
Notes:  Camphor, cypress, turpentine, cedar, thyme, pine, frankincense and oak moss
Type: EDT
Parfumeur: Antoine Maisondieu
Price: $6.00