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Incense rosé

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This is a beautifully crafted fragrance which marries orange, bergamot and soft  rose with dark incense and woods. A balanced scent that brings opposites together to make a sensual swooner. Proof that Andy Tauer is a genius.

I call this a go-to fragrance, and wear it all year long.

Notes: rose, cardamom, mandarin, incense
Type: EDP 
Parfumeur: Andy Tauer

Price: $5.00

Rose fragrance comparisons

Hmmmm. This sounds intriguing. Currently, my favourite rose fragrance is Paestum Rose (sp?), which I adore. For me, it's like opening an old leather purse and finding it full of plump, thick rose petals. How does Incense Rose compare?

Re: Rose fragrance comparisons

Paestum Rose is certainly worthy of being a favourite! How does is it compare to Incense rosé? Well, to begin with both fragrances have a lot in common - incense, myrrh, patchouli, vetiver.
Having said that, Paestum Rose, also has cinnamon and pepper which give it a spicy warm opening, leading into the rose notes that soften into a woody, incense base. Black currant buds give it a hint of sweetness. To me Paestum Rose is soft and subtle, with nothing really dominating so that you get the effect you describe so beautifully -  like opening an old leather purse and finding it full of plump, thick rose petals.
Incense rosé contains orange and bergamot, so it has a citrus opening that leads to the rose notes, before the woods start to appear. It also has castor, which gives it more of an earthy, animalic feel than Paestum Rose. And, it is  drier that Paestum Rose. Here again everything is in balance and nothing really dominates. As an EDP, it istronger that Paestum Rose which is an EDT.
Both are real beauties!

Something new to try

Sold! I will need to try this. It sounds like Incense Rose would be an ideal rose scent for summer. As you say, Paestum Rose is definitely spicy and warm--cozy. The citrus opening for Incense Rose sounds crisper, lighter, brighter and more, well, summery.