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Jicky EdT

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According to Luca Turin in his book "Perfumes - The Guide", Jicky is the oldest perfume in continuous existence - it was introduced in 1889. According to Guerlain, Jicky was a trendsetter in the world of perfumes, which "aimed to stir emotions" rather than simply copy the odour of flowers.

It certainly does not smell exactly the same as the original formulation, but it is still a masterpiece of vanilla and lavender, worn and loved by both men and women since its introduction over a century ago. It is considered, in fact, to be the first unisex fragrance.

This isn't a sweet fragrance........the initial blast is powdery lavender and vanilla, but after a few minutes on the skin Jicky becomes slightly stinky - the civet and herbs have kicked in. Then the scent progresses, and transforms into a lush lemony vanilla, with lavender and herbs wafting in and out overtop, and a hint of smoke underneath.

Smooth, interesting, and perfectly modern for such a classic fragrance.

Notes: lemon, lavender, herbs, civet, vanilla

Type: EDT

Parfumeur: Aimé Guerlain


Price: $5.00