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Theo Fennell Scent - Creating outside the bottle - June 30, 2010

Photo - Theo Fennell Silver Heart Pendant

This fragrance hooked me, first of all, with the name – who the heck is Theo Fennell? I reached for the tester and gave myself a generous spritz of Theo Fennell Scent  - and the game was ON! Twenty-four hours later I knew all about Theo (as much as I could google), and I’d ordered a bottle of Scent from his website (something I’d never done before - order on-line). What the hell happened??

Let’s start with the name: Theo Fennell is a British designer who makes very expensive, sometimes weird but very wonderful jewellery – gold skulls, snakes, famous faces, crafted in gold or silver – to decorate necks, fingers and cuffs. His bezel-set rings with precious gems and enamel are really beautiful.

Theo obviously thinks outside the mainstream design box, and is dedicated to quality, so when he set out to add a fragrance to his offering in 2007, he chose a perfumer who thinks outside the bottle, so to speak – Christophe Laudamiel. Laudamiel is known for his work with artists and designers - think Ralph Lauren, Thierry Mugler, Tom Ford.

Right out of the bottle, Theo Fennell Scent is a big, full fragrance – a bona fide perfume. The first impression is “classic Oriental”, but a milli-second later the artistry becomes apparent, the design starts to unfold. Saffron, cumin and musk lead the bold-faced opening, but they are wrapped around rosy florals, which creates a voluptuous, creamy accord.

The spices and florals play together, weaving in and out, the florals take centre stage for a while and about an hour later, the dry-down presents vanilla, sandalwood and patchouli, making this big scent relax into a soft woody, powdery, earthy ambiance. Ahhh – Odalisque on her divan......languorous, sensuous, libidinous luxury!

But wait – Scent isn’t finished....the saffron and musk accord is BACK! I can smell the rose again...these notes are insatiable.....what's going on? What is going on, according to Luca Turin in The Guide, is technical brilliance, an ingredient lacking in much of modern perfumery.

Three distinct accords – saffron and musk, rose and lily,  vanilla and sandalwood - weave around each other, appearing at different times with different intensities, creating a scent with multiple “personalities”, each of which are engagingly seductive and beautiful. This lifts Theo Fennell Scent out of the classic Oriental structure, making it unique, modern.

Theo Fennell Scent is an example of art in fragrance, of a nose creating "outside the bottle". Fantastic sillage, excellent duration, technical brilliance – and best of all – an incredibly great smell!!!

P.S. The bottle and packaging are unique, too - good design and excellent quality from top to bottom.


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