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Safran Troublant – Rice pudding or soul food?

First of all – the name.  Safran Troublant is a challenge  -  Saf-ran  Troo-blon – that’s how it sounds, à la Français.
 One of L’Artisan’s Les Épices Trio, Safran Troublant is classified as a gourmand fragrance,  scents with food notes such as coffee, chocolate, nuts, etc. (perfect match for  foodies) – but I think this is a misnomer, because it is much , much more.

Created by Olivia Giacobetti, the perfumeur known for her light touch, the listed notes are quite simple – saffron, spices, rose, vanilla, and sandalwood.

Inhale the initial blast of  golden saffron and spice top-notes - ginger, cardamom, clove – and then wait for the rose and vanilla. Swirls of exquisite scent, layered on top of the intense golden saffron, which transforms all the notes into a creamy, delicious, sensual feast. The last note to appear is sandalwood, making the scent seem to float like rose petals, smooth and soft – the Giacobetti touch.

I first tried Safran Troublant when I was buying a perfume gift for my daughter. What to give a young, beautiful woman who has definite ideas about “old lady’ scents i.e. heavy florals or orientals, and who disdains the current fruity/floral trend in perfumes. My search led me to the L’Artisan counter in Barney’s New York , and an incredibly good Sales Assistant (French, by the way, and she knew A LOT about perfume).
She offered four scents which I tried, and the fifth was Safran Troublant. The first sniff hooked me  - I loved the unique saffron and rose accord – but what made me buy the bottle was the creamy soft dry-down, when the scent became like a second skin, very feminine – with soft sillage like an exotic whisper. Perfect for my daughter.

As a gourmand scent, you’d expect this perfume to be sweet, like the divine Indian rice pudding with cream, honey, cardamom and rosewater which is comfort food, pure and simple. But this is sweet with a difference! The saffron  tweaks the sweetness into something weirdly wonderful and unique, which does NOT smell like food, but which turns this scent into one which feeds the soul.
Safran Troublant is listed in our Decant Store. Decants are $5.00 for 1 ml.


Lovely! I think I've smelled that one, but I can't remember. I'm going to have to go sniff it again. Have you tried Tauer Perfumes Rose Vermeille? It's yummy.

ANYTHING by Andy Tauer is at

ANYTHING by Andy Tauer is at the top of my list - and VERY yummy! I want to try his new orange scent!