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Orange Star

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Orange Star begins big, with a luscious blast of intense orange, sitting on a pillow of lemon zest – it’s like citrus firecrackers in your face!  And then sweet red mandarin is the bridge into the floral heart, where the orange blossom is the star, amplified with a hint of dark vanilla.
As the the dry-down continues, the orange blossom is tamed by Andy’s signature basenotes, and a soft woody,  incense, amber accord develops, taking the citrus out of the garden and into the woods. Like all Andy Tauer’s fragrances, Orange Star stays on the skin a long time, never losing its subtle complexity.
Orange Star is not your girly citrus - it's rich, full and lusty!
Notes: clementine, red mandarin, lemon flower, orange flower, vanilla, ambergris, patchouli, ambriene
Type: EdP
Perfumeur: Andy Tauer

Price: $5.00